Data & Technology trainee

Work and growth

“With a Bachelor’s in International Business & Management and a Master’s in Information & Network Economics, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge in business and economy but slightly less when it comes to IT. I was already proficient in Python and used data science skills for my Master’s, but I wanted to expand my technical horizon even further. The Data & Technology traineeship at DNB triggered my enthusiasm because you get to work in three different teams over the course of two years in the fields of security, development and data. And not just with any organisation, but one that plays a central role in our economy.

Getting started at Security

My first ‘placement’ was with Security. Among other things, I co-drafted information security policy documentation; it was very interesting to work on something that touches the entire DNB organisation. In addition, I got a look behind the scene at the Cyber Defence Centre (CDC). The processes and systems used in that department are innovative and very high quality. I got to know all of the department’s activities, from dealing with a cyber attack to incident management. I didn’t know anything about cyber security before I joined the team, but thanks to all kinds of courses on offer as well as competent colleagues who were open to all my questions, I was able to greatly expand my knowledge.

Building an API

Joining the Data & Technology traineeship means you’ll be working on security, development and data. But the details of your placement, your assignments, are subject to your preference. After my first placement, I wanted the second one to involve more software engineering and the software development process as a whole. My wish was granted. I am currently part of a team that develops applications to support the supervisory tasks of DNB. DNB supervises banks, pension funds, insurers and other financial institutions; these processes are being digitised. My assignment was to build an API to facilitate communication between all the different supervisory systems. I started off with a system I didn’t know, in a programming language I didn’t know, but I’m making progress every day now. It is extremely motivating to discover just how much you can achieve here.

DNB provides the space you need to strike the right balance between speed and quality.

Working for the Netherlands

Prior to joining this traineeship, I gained most of my experience in the private sector. The main difference between commercial companies and DNB is that your efforts serve a direct social purpose. I now work for the Netherlands, at an organisation that is committed to financial stability and sustainable wealth. Together with my team, I build high-quality applications that generate value for the Netherlands and the economic system. With all the space you need to dig deep and gain a lot of substantive knowledge. And if there is something you can’t figure out on your own, you’ve always your team to fall back on; asking for help has never felt like a burden here.

My third position will be with Data. The assignment hasn’t been detailed yet, but I expect a list of exciting projects to choose from any day now. I don’t expect to be leaving after my final assignment; as far as I’m concerned, no other organisation offers the same growth opportunities as DNB."

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