Vacature Non-financial risk supervisor

  • Master
  • 36 uur
  • € 3.700 - € 6.100 bruto p.m.
  • Niet-financieel risicomanagement
  • Werkervaring: Professional
  • Reageer vóór 5 februari 2020
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Supervises internal governance of a major Dutch bank as a non-financial risk expert at DNB.

Jij hebt impact

Make an impact!
Working for DNB, you will have an impact on financial stability and sustainable prosperity.
You will be at the centre of European banking supervision dynamics, and will supervise major, internationally operating, Dutch banks. You will be part of an intercultural team of European supervisors, in a changing and challenging environment. With your expertise, you will ensure banks manage and control non-financial risks.
This is what you will be doing as a non-financial risk supervisor at DNB
You will work within the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM), where together with your colleagues from the European Central Bank (ECB) and other euro area countries, you will exercise supervision over one of the Dutch systemically important banks. You will be part of the European Joint Supervisory Team (JST), an energetic team of international supervisors. Within the team you will be one of the experts in non-financial risks, with a focus on internal governance and risk management. You also know how to apply your qualitative skills to supervision in a broader sense.
What exactly does the position entail?
  • You will assess and evaluate the effectiveness of the internal governance arrangements of a Dutch systemically important bank and determine the impact on the risk profile of the bank. To this end, you should be able to have a deep and comprehensive understanding of how the institution organises itself, and of its business model and business strategy.
  • You will assess incoming requests, such as applications, declarations of non-objection (in Dutch: vvgb) and notifications, signal legal risks and give legal advice to your colleagues on prudential regulations and other regulatory matters (CRD, CRR, Wft, WWFT, etc).
  • You will have discussions with the bank's management, senior management, and other staff members. You are capable of probing further to identify and understand the underlying challenges.
  • You will design strategies and actions to reduce risks and to remediate identified weaknesses in the institution’s internal governance.

Dit breng je mee

Your profile
At DNB you will be working together with dedicated professionals. You need to be decisive and rational, and have strong analytical skills. You are able to think ahead and outside of the box.
Our supervisors have an unparalleled ability to exert influence. You therefore have highly effective powers of persuasion, you are good at maintaining professional relationships and have a clear communication style. You always remain critical, keep asking questions and can hold your ground in difficult discussions. Above all, you are a team player: you are at ease with sharing your knowledge and findings with your colleagues at DNB and beyond, to ensure your team can perform even better.
What else are we looking for? 
  • You hold a Master’s degree preferably in Dutch Law.
  • Between 3 and 7 years’ experience at a law or consultancy firm, bank or elsewhere in the financial sector, preferably in the field of internal governance and non-financial risks.
  • You have an excellent command of Dutch and English, both written and spoken.
  • You have a good feel for relationships, you are able to maintain a positive, constructive attitude and you are at ease in working in an intercultural environment.

Hier doe je dat

Your work environment
You will be based in Amsterdam. DNB is part of the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM), through which the ECB is ultimately responsible for supervision of all euro area banks. The ECB directly supervises the largest European banks, the Significant Institutions (SIs). Working for the SSM means that you will have to regularly travel abroad for training, on-site inspections and other activities. This will be a characteristic element of the job, together with an environment that offers you a good work-life balance.
You will work in the European Banks Supervision Division (EUBA) of DNB, which is engaged in supervising Significant Institutions. Your colleagues are from different countries and comprise economists, legal experts, certified auditors, econometricians and IT specialists. The atmosphere is informal and amicable, and everybody understands the importance of cooperation.

Dit bieden we je

This is what we offer you
A 36-hour working week at the heart of today's financial and economic world. You will be working for a diverse, solid and socially committed employer which continually anticipates and responds to the changing requirements of the financial environment, and continues to innovate. This will offer you a wealth of opportunities to develop your professional skills and gain new experiences, both in the Netherlands and abroad. You will initially be granted an employment contract for one year, with the prospect of extension, provided your performance is satisfactory and there are no organisational changes.
Other employment conditions accompanying this position are: 
  • A gross monthly salary of between eur 3.700 – eur 6.100 based on a 36-hour working week. Salary scale will be based on your knowledge and experience.
  • A 13th monthly salary payment, and an 8% holiday allowance based on 13 months.
  • Your pension entitlements will accrue under a career-average scheme including provisional indexation, with a 6.1% employee contribution.
  • Full reimbursement of your public transport commuting costs.
  • Excellent opportunities for professional and personal development through education and training.
  • A healthy work-life balance. This position allows you to divide your 36-hour working week into four 9-hour days.

Zo solliciteer je bij DNB

01 - Verstuur je sollicitatie

Na het versturen van je sollicitatie ontvang je direct een ontvangstbevestiging per e-mail. Binnen twee weken ontvang je een inhoudelijke reactie op je sollicitatie.

02 - E-assessment

Voor de meeste vacatures vragen wij je om een online assessment te maken voorafgaand aan het eerste gesprek. Het assessment bestaat uit cognitieve testen en/of een persoonlijkheidsvragenlijst, en kun je gewoon thuis uitvoeren.

03 - Eerste gesprek

Tijdens dit gesprek leren we elkaar beter kennen. Dit gesprek vindt meestal plaats met de manager of een ervaren teamlid van de afdeling waar jouw vacature uitstaat en een recruiter.

04 - Tweede gesprek

Wanneer zowel jij als wij positief zijn na het eerste gesprek zien we je graag nogmaals terug. Bij dit vervolggesprek zijn meestal een andere manager uit dezelfde divisie en een (senior) teamlid van de afdeling waar jouw vacature uitstaat aanwezig.

05 - Casus, derde gesprek en/of assessment

Solliciteer je op een functie als toezichthouder of beleidsmedewerker? Dan wordt het eerste of het tweede gesprek vaak gecombineerd met het maken van een schrijfopdracht of een case study. Dit hoor je uiteraard ruim van tevoren. Afhankelijk van het niveau van de functie kan er nog een derde gesprek met de divisiedirecteur en/of een functiegericht (extern) assessment plaatsvinden.

06 - Arbeidsvoorwaardengesprek

Past DNB bij jou? En ben jij de juiste persoon voor de functie? Dan doet de recruiter je een contractaanbod tijdens het arbeidsvoorwaardengesprek.

07 - Screening

Na de arbeidsvoorwaardelijke overeenstemming volgt een screening. Het specifieke screeningsprofiel vind je terug in de vacaturetekst. Hier kun je meer informatie vinden over de screening.

08 - Welkom bij DNB

Na het ondertekenen van je contract heten wij je van harte welkom bij DNB! Dit doen we met een introductieprogramma, waarin je kennismaakt met onze organisatie en je nieuwe collega’s. Het interactieve programma bestaat onder andere uit twee introductiedagen en een onboarding-app.

Solliciteer nu!

Why not apply now?
If working with an impact as a non-financial risk specialist appeals to you, then apply now. Please submit your motivation letter and full CV no later than 4 February 2020. If you have any questions before applying, please see the contact details below. We will be happy to tell you what makes working for DNB so unique.
We follow a very careful process when assessing candidates. For us as a reliable employer, this is only natural. The selection procedure therefore includes an e-assessment, and we require you to demonstrate your analytical skills in a writing test (case study).
This is a category 2a position, which means that we will ask the judicial authorities to perform a background check. The selection process also involves online screening.
The information in this vacancy must not be used for marketing purposes.

  • Master
  • 36 uur
  • € 3.700 - € 6.100 bruto p.m.
  • Niet-financieel risicomanagement
  • Werkervaring: Professional
  • Reageer vóór 5 februari 2020
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