Do you want to get to know DNB before graduating?

We offer hands-on and research/graduate internships for talented and motivated bachelor's and master’s students. DNB allows you to gear your internship to your personal and educational needs. You will perform assignments independently and become a fully-fledged part of the team. As a result, you will gain valuable work experience while discovering whether a position at DNB is something you aspire.

It is still possible to apply for open internship vacancies. The application period is completely digital. Working from home is also currently the norm at DNB. In most cases, you will complete your internship from home and keep in close digital contact with your colleagues. We are currently unable to process open internship requests.

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Below you will find a number of frequently asked questions and our current internship vacancies.

Why should I opt for an internship at DNB?

What educational background do I need to apply for a DNB internship?

What is the difference between a hands-on and a research/graduate internship?

Will I get a trainee allowance from DNB?

Can I continue to work at DNB after my internship?

I’m not a native Dutch speaker. Is it possible to apply for an internship at DNB?

I have another question; how can I get an answer?

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