Do you want to get to know DNB before graduating?

We offer hands-on and research/graduate internships for talented and motivated bachelor's and master’s students. DNB allows you to gear your internship to your personal and educational needs. You will perform assignments independently and become a fully-fledged part of the team. As a result, you will gain valuable work experience while discovering whether a position at DNB is something you aspire.

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Below you will find a number of frequently asked questions and our current internship vacancies.

Why should I opt for an internship at DNB?

What educational background do I need to apply for a DNB internship?

What is the difference between a hands-on and a research/graduate internship?

Will I get a trainee allowance from DNB?

Can I continue to work at DNB after my internship?

I’m not a native Dutch speaker. Is it possible to apply for an internship at DNB?

I have another question; how can I get an answer?


  • Financial stability policy adviser

    Influence the global playing field of financial stability as a policy adviser at DNB.

    • Master, PhD
    • 36
    • Economy and policy
    • € 3.390 - € 6.470 gross p.m.
  • IT and operational risk expert

    Unique and challenging role in European banks supervision as IT and operational risk expert at DNB.

    • Master
    • 36
    • IT and data
    • € 3.390 - € 6.470 gross p.m.
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