Research and statistics

Reliable statistics and scientific research: these are the two key ingredients for ensuring financial stability, DNB's primary objective.

At DNB, we stay on top of developments in the financial sector. Your job is to present all these developments as statistics and to conduct relevant research in the areas of monetary policy, supervision, payment systems and resolution. Our policy makers use your statistics as input for their decisions. In other words, your work has tremendous societal impact.


Our researchers and statisticians collect data, conduct studies and interpret the results using economic models. For example, they study developments in the labour market and their effect on the economic cycle, or they look at the impact of rising oil prices on inflation and consumption. They make the data and research results available to other divisions at DNB and to external parties such as the ECB.

Science and society

DNB always has the most up-to-date data on the Dutch financial landscape. This includes the funding ratio of pension funds, mortgage interest rates and foreign direct investments. DNB researchers and statisticians also maintain warm relations with universities and other research institutes; they publish in academic journals and organise conferences, workshops and network events.

Is DNB your new locus of research?

The Research and Statistics area of expertise at DNB employs experts in the areas of macro-economics, business economics, accountancy and IT. They are highly intelligent, critical and take a keen interest in the topic at hand. They never practise blind faith, but they always dig deeper to find the truth. Do you see yourself working in a team like ours? Browse through the vacancies below or sign up for our job alert.

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Vacancies within this field

  • Internal model expert

    Unique and challenging position for an internal model expert in the on-site banking supervision.

    • Master, PhD
    • 36
    • Financial risk management
    • € 3.480 - € 6.650 gross p.m.
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