Economics and policy

Price stability, market conditions, monetary policy instruments, economic models: the field of economics and policy forms DNB's core business.

The financial world has undergone a dramatic and permanent shift, partly thanks to the accommodating monetary policy, sustained low interest rates and changing geopolitical relationships. This means that prudent monetary and economic policies are more essential than ever. You can help make this a reality by analysing the economy and advising on your findings in The Hague, Frankfurt, Brussels, London or Washington.


Shock-resilient financial system

At DNB, we work daily with our European partners on achieving price stability, a shock-resilient financial system and balanced macro-economic development. Our professionals in the field of economics and policy have a key role to play in making this happen. They promote the system's resilience by advising on monetary policy instruments, lending and public finance, by developing models to predict economic growth and by drafting policies on pensions and the housing market.

Is your horizon broad enough?

Both specialists and generalists are engaged in the field of economics and policy at DNB. They often have a background in economics or law, with experience in consultancy, the financial sector or national government service. They are socially engaged, have a broad horizon and they set the bar high. Are you a critical thinker who fits this bill? Browse through the vacancies below or sign up for our job alert.

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