The website of De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) is only intended to inform the public. The information presented has a general character and is not intended as advice with regards to a specific situation or problem as formulated by DNB. Information found on the DNB website should never be deemed a suitable replacement of professional advice. It is expressly recommended to obtain independent legal, financial or other advice prior to taking any action with regards to matters that may be related to information presented on the DNB website.

Although the information on the DNB website is composed with the greatest possible care and DNB deems the information to be a correct representation of the state of affairs at the time of publication on the DNB website, DNB cannot guarantee that this information is and remains accurate and/or complete at all times. DNB rejects any liability for damage resulting from the use of (or the unavailability of), reliance on or actions taken based on information on the DNB website. Although DNB aims to keep the DNB website available at all times, DNB rejects any liability for damage resulting from unavailability of the DNB website at any time and for whatever reason. In addition, DNB may decommission the DNB website (temporarily or permanently) without prior notice.  

When accessing websites of other organisations through the DNB website, DNB emphasises that those other websites were composed by organisations other than DNB and DNB rejects any liability with regards to the accuracy and completeness of such websites.  


De Nederlandsche Bank expressly reserves copyrights to the website.


When you provide access to (a portion of) the DNB website, you are required to have taken note of the above.

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