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The traineeship for ambitious STEM graduates

Do you have a college or university degree in a science subject, and would you like to develop your technical skills, such as programming and working with unique data and cybersecurity? As a Data & Technology trainee at DNB, your work will have an impact on financial stability and sustainable prosperity. Are you ready to develop into a versatile professional at DNB?


What traineeship teaches you more about data, technology & finance?

What you can expect

As a Data & Tech trainee, you will change positions and departments three times in two years. You will be working in the fields of software development, data engineering, security and cloud in the departments of your choice. For eight months, you will be a full member of your team and collaborate on various innovations. You will also attend training courses with your fellow trainees, focusing on technical and personal development. The training programme includes several components, such as:

  • Introductory courses on DNB's tasks (Central Bank, Supervision, Resolution, Data)
  • Agile working Working together in small, multidisciplinary teams using a short-cycle management approach
  • Stakeholder management: you will learn about the different roles and tasks in the IT domain, such as developing, testing and liaising with users.
  • Subject-specific training, such as data modelling, application development, programming and cybersecurity.
  • Personal growth: individual coaching and group training sessions with your fellow trainees.

Challenging assignments

As a Data & Tech trainee, you will get to work on all kinds of projects. Below is a small selection of the many assignments you can work on as a trainee:

Continuity in reporting

Ensuring the continuity of delivery of thousands of reports from financial institutions. The data in these reports helps us to effectively fulfil our core tasks in payment systems and supervision and discover new insights.

To the Cloud

Applications, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and all kinds of hybrid forms. Custom applications are increasingly being replaced by Cloud applications at DNB.

Secure payment system

Ensuring robust, reliable and secure services in the payment system (cash and non-cash), reserve management and execution of tender operations.

Protection against cyberattacks

Monitoring DNB's ICT infrastructure for cyberattacks, and issuing and managing authorisations.

Insight into statistics

Developing solutions for data that feed national and European statistics, such as the balance of payments, financial accounts, monetary statistics and statistics for supervision and financial stability.

Stories of our employees

Although I don't have a typical data science background, my ideas and different perspectives are really appreciated here.

Huyen - Data & Technology trainee
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Networking is very easy at DNB, and I've met so many different people.

Adriaan - Data & Technology trainee
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A lot is possible during the traineeship, but you have to take initiative.

Maarten - Data & Technology trainee
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DNB possesses an enormous amount of unique data. It is truly a knowledge centre.

Zooey - Data & Technology trainee
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Six steps to your traineeship

1. Application

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2. Selection

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3. Online assessment

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4. Selection Days

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5. Employment conditions and screening

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6. Starting your traineeship

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