DNB Pride

Being yourself

DNB Pride provides a platform for LGBTIQ+ colleagues. The network strives to ensure that everyone can be their true authentic selves, is treated equally and experiences a safe work environment. DNB Pride was set up for sharing experiences. Because while there have been many positive developments around LGBTIQ+, it is still important to continue the dialogue.


DNB Pride wants to make the invisible visible by uncovering and changing certain assumptions, such as those that focus on a traditional heterosexual family structure. In doing so, the network strives for a pleasant, equal and safe work environment for everyone.

In the video below, we present Diversity & Inclusion dilemmas to two of our staff members, who respond in a personal capacity.


Sexual preference and gender identity


DNB Pride activities and events are in principle intended for our LGBTIQ+ colleagues, but so-called allies are also admitted: straight colleagues who support the LGBTIQ+ community. The network organises various activities, such as monthly networking lunches, networking drinks and workshops with speakers. We also organise activities with the other employee networks within DNB. An example of this would be the “Rainbow drinks”. DNB Pride wants to unite, as we stand stronger together. 

DNB Pride stories

Ger - bestuurslid DNB Pride

There is a general notion that everything is well arranged for the LGBTIQ+ community, but there is still much to be done.

Read the story about DNB Pride- Ger
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