A sustainable future/green behaviour

GroenDNB is the network where you can spread your green wings. As a network, we try to encourage green behaviour among DNB employees by providing information and stimulating critical thinking, and by simply making it easier to go green. Not only is DNB itself working towards a sustainable future as a supervisory authority, resolution authority and central bank; DNB also wants to promote green behaviour among its employees. After all, a sustainable future starts with you and the choices you make.

Inclusive network

Commissioned by the Sustainable Finance Office (SFO), GroenDNB was established in 2022. The network has no membership and is for everyone, whether you are a tree-hugger or a diesel-driving employee. Together, we want to bring about change.


With the help of our Green Ambassadors, we provide informative meetings, help in making green choices and create awareness around the sustainability of our own behaviour. The activities we organise range from lectures with interesting speakers to vegan challenges to engaging in conversation about sustainable lifestyles. In addition, as a network, we try to influence DNB's policies to make sustainable choices easier for employees.

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