Silver Club

Proud to be old

Silver Club, the network for experienced and more senior colleagues within DNB (50+). Silver Club organises activities to inspire, connect and represent. Silver Club responds to the trend that workers should stay healthy and be an active part of society, and be able, want, or have to work longer until retirement. This affects us all and is a challenge we also face at DNB.

DNB cherishes experience

Due to the ageing population, there are increasingly more older people in the Netherlands. And the rise in the retirement age keeps them active in the labour market for a longer period of time. DNB cherishes their knowledge and experience and also has much to offer older employees, such as interesting work, a great deal of autonomy, the opportunity to work together with very diverse but all highly capable colleagues, and a pleasant work environment.


Silver Club strives to be an open platform for DNB employees. In addition to inspiring workshops and meetings, we also offer the opportunity to share experiences. We are all different, but we all want to be happy. At the same time, Silver Club fosters discussions about our strengths and inspirations, ways to stay healthy and active, and seeks to identify and represent the interests of older employees. During their working lives, but also in the transition from work to retirement.

Silver Club stories

Silver Club- Jerry

Being older does not mean that you are no longer valuable.

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