Data & Technology trainee

DNB as a knowledge centre

"As an organisation, DNB has always interested me, given its relevance for society and the amount of data present. DNB is probably a rather vague concept for many people. It is a stronghold that especially young people cannot quite put their finger on. While, in fact, it's a wide-range employer with an enormous amount of data, something you will not find anywhere else. DNB is truly a knowledge centre.

Although I can practically work anywhere with my Econometrics degree, DNB's Data & Technology traineeship immediately appealed to me. The three themes of the traineeship: data, security and development offer ample opportunities. I am more into data than tech myself, but I would like to explore all disciplines.

Data Science Hub

My first placement at the Data Science Hub just been completed. On the one hand, I was very technically involved with projects there, but on the other hand I was also more involved with policy. I enjoyed the variety, since I am a social person and merely hardcore programming is not really for me.

One of the projects I contributed to is economic policy and research regarding the derivatives market. Market parties use derivatives, for example, to hedge interest rate fluctuations. At DNB, we collect detailed information about all current contracts in the Netherlands, which allows us to better estimate the interest rate and liquidity risks for institutions, and the market as a whole. To be included in the search for ways in which we can improve and solve various economic issues with the help of data science, together with the business, was extremely interesting to me.

DNB possesses an enormous amount of unique data. It is truly a knowledge centre.

Many questions, much learning

Currently, I am working with Team Digital Forensics, which consists of Open Source Intelligence and eDiscovery. I am mainly concerned with the latter. eDiscovery is the process of securing, processing and assessing electronic data, with the ultimate objective of being able to use it as evidence in, for example, an administrative or criminal case. Within this team, I experience a great deal of freedom to shape and organise my work as I want. At the same time, my colleagues never fail to help me out. As a result, I dare to ask questions as well – even directed at people who are far higher up in the organisation. The corporate culture at DNB is very accessible.

Freedom and self-development

Not only do I enjoy a lot of freedom in my current placement, during the entire traineeship you are offered the space to develop yourself. This is also reflected in the rest of the organisation. At DNB, you can experience career-long learning and gain a close-up view in all kinds of different areas in the organisation. DNB offers great challenge and encourages the broadening of knowledge and self-development, providing you with the opportunity to find your place – even if you've been working there for years. For example, there are many people at DNB who are conducting a PhD or other study, and there are also opportunities to be seconded, for example. I would love to go abroad, so there are still many opportunities for me here."

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