Female Capital


Female Capital creates awareness of the differences between women and men in the work environment. By doing so, we connect and inspire not only women, but everyone who works at DNB. We are often unaware of certain prejudices about women, especially women in leadership positions. By organising various meetings, Female Capital ensures that we at DNB open our eyes to these differences.

Equal opportunities

At DNB, we want to be a diverse organisation where everyone is treated equally. Although we increasingly see women getting into management and board positions by being themselves, that is not the aim of the network. Female Capital wants everyone to have fair and equal opportunities. The women of DNB do not achieve this goal on their own: by continuing to actively engage with each other, we become aware of the undercurrents and can bring about change together.

In the video below, we present Diversity & Inclusion dilemmas to two of our staff members, who respond in a personal capacity.


Women in leadership


Female Capital regularly organises meetings such as workshops and lectures, but also sets up activities together with other women's networks. Any DNB staff member can attend the meetings and activities without any obligation. The network has no membership.

Female Capital stories

Female Capital - Anneloes

I don't just want feedback on my social skills, I also want to hear how well I perform as a manager.

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