JongDNB provides a platform for and is set up by young DNB employees. With the help of its members, JongDNB organises low-threshold and accessible activities for employees up to the age of 35, thus connecting different divisions. In our professional, dynamic and internationally oriented work environment, we help each other to achieve optimal performance together.


JongDNB not only connects, the network also contributes to the development of young employees. Whether this concerns current topics or organising activities: JongDNB motivates and inspires. At DNB, we must constantly adjust to the changing requirements of our environment. This will offer young employees a wealth of opportunities; opportunities to increase and expand one’s expertise and gain new experiences.


JongDNB organises all kinds of content-related and social activities. You can also participate in various committees within the network and, in this way, actively contribute ideas. Moreover, by seeking the opinions of young employees, JongDNB advocates their interests throughout the organisation. The members of JongDNB thus act as a sounding board within DNB.

JongDNB stories

JongDNB- Roos

Working from home often poses different problems for young people than it does for older employees.

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